Weapons Lights are the a Necessity or a Gimmick ??

Weapons Lights are the a Necessity or a Gimmick ??


We as humans have been blessed with many unique abilities. Unfortunately one that we could use is the ability to see in the dark, not so that we are completely blind in the dark, but we do fall short in this category. To make up for this Thomas Edison invented the light bulb the year was 1879. We have been improving the way and ability to see in low light conditions ever since. Now that we have agreed we need help to see in diminished light conditions, we can discuss the ways that we enhance this ability.

Most people who want to see in the dark grab a flashlight, in the beginning these light were large and cumbersome sometimes requiring two hands to operate. This caused a problem when using the light in conjunction with a weapon, because even a handgun requires at least one hand to manipulate. So here was the deliminna put down the big light and to use the firearm and shoot blind, or try to juggle the light and the weapon at the same time. While this is possible most people will suffer a break down in grip structure, therefore their ability to employe direct effective fire will also diminished. If you have any concerns about other people in the house this is an unacceptable compromise.

Over the last 15 years or so lights have started a slow shrinking process to the point that we have small lights that will far out shine their larger, older ancestors. The use of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology we have dramatically increased the brightness and the runtimes of these small lights. In fact they are now small enough to be able to be attached to a handgun.

I feel that if you follow some simple guidelines for weapon light use it can be a safe and effective tool for self-defense use.

1. Always use a hand-held light in conjunction with a weapon-mounted light to avoid pointing your weapon at something you don’t intend to destroy.

2. Don’t use your weapon light for a normal flashlight.

3. If you choose to use a weapon-mounted light, make the commitment to train and have it attached to your weapon.

So to answer the question of wether or not the weapon-mounted light is a Necessity or a Gimmick, most certainly is isn’t a gimmick, but I wouldn’t call it a necessity. I would say it is a tool that takes commitment on the part of the user to be used effectively and safely. I personally choose to have to as a tool on about 95% of my firearms and I carry them that way and train with them that way. We will continue to address this subject in the future.

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Glock 42 the Reliable Deep Carry Option

Glock 42 the Reliable Deep Carry Option

Hello my name is Mike and I’m a Glock fanboy. I don’t believe that I have had a pistol made by Glock that wasn’t reliable and accurate. I was in search for a deep carry option, you know the gun when you can carry a gun. Something small enough that you almost forget you have it on. So when the rumblings of a small single stack Glock hit the internet I was excited to say the least, I thought finally a small single stack 9mm that will work. Well the Glock 42 didn’t turn out to be what I thought it would be.

Upon receiving the G42 and opening the black clamshell case I thought that maybe somebody had left a G17 out in the sun or put it in the dryer on high. That being said the gun fits the hand well and will conceal like a dream. The gun is insanely thin which will lend itself to being with you at all times, Having a gun at home when you need it with you serves no purpose. So on to the range session, I think where it went of track with me is that I wanted it to shoot just like my Glock 19’s. Well let me say this wasn’t fair to the G42 as it isn’t supposed to do so, it wasn’t designed to do so and no matter how I want it do, it just won’t be able to. This is a deep concealment pistol meant to be hidden until needed, not a full size fighting pistol. So I may have jaded my opinion from the get go.

Form Factor:

It is a Glock so it just looks and acts like a Glock. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 10


This pistol as said before will hide like a ghost in a dark corner, practically disappearing under any garment including a t-shirt. This would be a gun I would take with me when I couldn’t have a gun it hides that well. The various holster makers have jumped onboard with getting quality carry options available. So on a 1 to 10 scale it gets a 10.


I hade one malfunctioning the first magazine, it was 100% good to go from there. Ran it 250 rounds from there without a bobble. So we will give it a 9.5


I was able to achieve a necessary level of comfort in engaging targets from concealment out to 15 yds. It was easy enough to engage multiple targets with reasonable speed. So it gets a 9 out of 10.


Here is where I may have failed the Glock 42, I tried to run it thru the drills meant for a full-size fighting pistol. Shooting at extended ranges was difficult for me, we are talking 50-100yds. I found that I was pushing the gun to the left trying to squeeze out the accuracy I wanted. This platform and cartridge combination was never meant to perform at these ranges. The energy level at these ranges would almost leave it ineffective so this may be a mute point. so given that I was demanding more than I could have expected I will give it a 8.5 out of 10


So let us add up the points. the Glock 42 will get a 96\100 which is impressive for a weapon that I was initially disappointed with, so did I keep to or trade it. Well I couldn’t see me over the long run wanting to keep it and having to amass yet another caliber of ammo, that is really the only reason. At the time of the review 380 ACP ammo wasn’t the easiest to find, now that I have been able to locate a less expensive source of ammo thru Detroit Bullet Works http://www.detroitbulletworks.com/380-acp-100-grain-rn/ and they also offer a ammo club subscription for auto shipment of quants of ammo to your door here is a link http://www.detroitbulletworks.com/380-acp-100-grain-rn/ with is option you have the choice of having 300 rounds a month or a quarter shipped this would allow me to train and increase my skill with the small gun.

You might see another one in the fold in the future.

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Big Bore Action from Sig Sauer

The AR15/M16 family has been through many changes since its adoption by the United States Air Force in 1962 as the AR15, the US Army began testing the weapon system  as the XM16E1. In 1967 the US Army adopted a product upgrade known as the M16A1. This was later improved to the M16A2 in the early 1980’s, this eventually morphed into what we see today as the M4 family. Early on during the switch to the 5.56mm weapon system some people questioned moving away from a full-bore battle rifle which at that time was the 7.62×51 NATO. The smaller and lighter projectile was seen as a negative to this new hi-tech weapons system. What most people don’t know is that a 7.62×51 NATO(308 Winchester) battle rifle was developed by Eugene Stoner in the 1950’s a full decade before the adoption of the AR15 by the Air Force known as the AR10. While these were not adopted by the US military, they were widely accepted by various countries Africa. The design of the AR10 was scaled down and improved to become the iconic family of weapons we see today known as the AR15/M16/M4.

When I was in the search for a AR pattern rifle that would provide increased ballistic performance I had a choice to make stay with the AR15 family and use the 6.8SPC or the 300 Blackout (supersonic loads) or move up to a AR10 size weapon (308 or 7.62×51). There are more than a few calibers to choose from I choose to use a standard cartridge the 7.62×51. I also knew I wanted a piston driven gun as to keep all of the fouling and junk out of the receiver group. AT the SHOT show in 2013 SIG introduced the Model 716 a (308 Winchester/7.62×51) chambered version of their Model 516 (223/5.56×45) rifle. The SIG 716 is the weapon I chose to provide this increase in ballistic performance, what I wanted was a round that would turn most normal things that provided cover against the 5.56 round into just concealment.

As one would expect the 7.62 platform weighs a bit more than the 5.56 weapon systems. The sig 716 weighs in at 9.3lbs without optics or empty mag where as my Noveske Rouge Hunter weighs in just a tad over 6.5 lbs. Both weapons have 16in barrels and backup sights and 2 point slings. The extra weight does help soak up the additional recoil generated by the 7.62×51 round. During my testing of the Sig 716 I found it accurate out to the limit of my 100yd range with groups in the 3.5 in range with iron sights, this due the slightly heavy trigger pull, the trigger also exhibited some gritty creep. This wouldn’t be a deal breaker as you could drop in a Geissele Automatic trigger even their G2S 2 stage trigger I have this in another AR15 and even as an entry-level trigger it has a very nice pull with a smooth 1st stage pull and a crisp 2nd stage break.

The biggest difference between the 5.56 and the 7.62 platform is the ability to run it fast, while you can do it with the 7.62 platform it is vastly easier to do with lighter easier to maneuver 5.56 platform. With appropriate ammo you can achieve the same level penetration I was looking for M855 ball will easily defeat any of the barrier I will face in a self-defense situation. Would I say there is no place for the 7.62 platform, by no means do I think that on the contrary if I was out where the ranges could be stretched this 7.62 will have longer legs and the ability to engage a threat at vastly longer distances with more retained energy.

So if you are looking for a platform with great penetration and extended ballistic capabilities look no further that the Sig 716, gives you the big bore package without the great cost associated with other comparable models from other various manufactures.

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Glock Perfection 2.0 by Innovative Gunfighter Solutions


Glock pistols whether you like them or not are here to stay. Many would argue that they are the quintessential fighting pistols. They follow the function over form philosophy, that if it works all the time, how it looks is not really important. I feel that they are truly one of the most ascetically unpleasing pistol designs in the history of firearms, but not many people will not argue against the fact that if left unmodified they are some of the most reliable handguns on the planet. If the ammunition is of the right caliber most likely the gun will run with it.


While Glock produces great firearms, there are a few areas that they have dropped the ball slightly. Does this mean that you would not be served well with a stock Glock, quite the contrary you would be hard pressed buy a better pistol. The few things you would want to change are really not internal modifications.


  1. Sights: While the plastic stock sights work well they fall short when it comes to using them to run the pistol one handed. They are also very fragile in their design.
  2. Finish: The guns tend to be very slick if nothing is done to increase friction on the outside of the gun, both the slide and the frame. Glock did improve the frame with each new generation with the Gen. 4 being a fairly well thought out design.

Ok while there are many models in the Glock family, I along with more than a few other people who have depended on a gun for defensive purposes think that the Glock 19 is a perfect blend of size and firepower. Meaning small enough to conceal well, big enough to fight with, while carrying enough rounds of a full power cartridges.


Just like the vernerable 1911 pistol there is a whole industry dedicated to the modification and improvement of Gaston Glock’s creation. For the next few minutes I would like to introduce you to a company that spawned out of need to improve the slight deficiencies mentioned above.


Innovative Gunfighter Solutions (IGFS) http://www.igfs.co is based in Milford Michigan. John and Jeff provide just that solutions for today’s modern gunfighter, this could be anybody who depends on a firearm to protect themselves or others from harm. Not only do they work on Glocks but many other quality makes of defensive firearms such as Smith & Wesson M&P family, Sig Sauer pistols along with even stippling AR-15 grips.


As you know nothing in this world is free, when you make modifications good work does cast money. IGFS does high quality work that the working man can afford. For this project I worked for their a la carte menu of modifications as I wanted build a fighting pistol with the bear minimum of features and cost. I wanted to be able have a package that I could suggest to my readers that would enhance all the positive features built into the Glock design and not add anything you don’t need.


  1. Full Top Serrations: This is a series of machine work on the top of the slide designed to allow the gun to be manipulated with a single had off of any surface (belts, pants, door frames, car bodies I even think you run the slide on a bar of soap.


  1. Enhanced Rear Cocking Serrations: These continue where the factory serrations stop, by make them wider and deeper and adding a few more of them, the two handed manipulation is improved. These are really a great improvement giving you more to grasp during a high stress situation.

One feature I didn’t add are the patent pending Radius Serrations these are a great addition to any serious fighting pistol, I omitted them as a cost saving item. With the full top serration and enhanced rears already on the gun my goal was to create a package that address the above concerns at the lowest possible investment. To bring you the readers a package that was in reach for most and still provided a complete platform.


Both of these are covered with a “Nitromettm also known as salt bath nitrocarburizing (QPQ) is a thermochemical diffusion process that introduces a compound layer of carbon and nitrogen into the surface of the part. SBN treatment is the ultimate in corrosion prevention, superior to chrome and electroless nickel plating.”


I find this more pleasing to the eye than the newer finish Glock is using on current production. It has a somewhat matte finish and so far it fairly resistant to scratches.


Those of us that use Glocks know that sometimes the frame can become quite slick when wet with sweat, water or even blood. The easiest way to solve this is to some fiction enhancing surface to the frame. With polymer framed guns this is accomplished by stippling. IGFS offers a complete 360 degree stipple job that completely changes the feel of the gun. Along with this they can undercut the trigger guard to eliminate the dreaded Glock knuckle, also offered is a cut for the index finger of the support hand allowing you to get the gun as far as possible down in the hands. For those of you that don’t like the finger groves on the Glock they can also remove them, I for one hate the finger grooves and elected to have them removed along with having the magwell opened up for faster magazine insertions. I will post pics of the work I had done at the bottom of this article.


In this industry good customer service and experience are few and for between. I’m happy to express that if you have any work done at IGFS you will be most pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism displayed. All of my questions and concerns where answered without hesitation. In fact I have already decided to have all of my handguns worked on by IFGS as funds allow.


Here is a list of the work I had done at IGFS:


Full Top Serrations

Enhanced Rear Cocking Serrations

Ameriglo I-Dot Pro sights

Full 360 Frame Stipple job

Finger Groves removed

Trigger Guard undercut

Index pads on both sides

Magwell opened up

Slide refinished in Nitromet


As far as work this is the minimum I would consider on a serious fighting pistol. It addresses the flaws pointed out above Grip, Sights and increasing one handed manipulation.

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Dead Light on your Long Gun: Unity Tactical’s EXO Solution !!!

Dead Light on your Long Gun: Unity Tactical's EXO Solution !!!

Most people who have a rifle or carbine for defensive purposes, have a light on it for target identification in low light conditions. These lights run on batteries. An accidental switch activation without your knowledge can drain the batteries leaving you without a possible life saving piece of equipment.

Our friends over at Unity Tactical have a solution for you. The EXO is a replacement mount for your Surefire X 200-300 series weapon lights. It provides a shroud around the switch guarding against inadvertent activations during a critical event and also provides protection during weapon transport and storage ensuring that your light is ready when you are. Stay tuned for videos on the installation and use of this innovative product. The EXO unit replaces the standard rail attachment point on your Surefire X Series light. This means with the tools provided with your Surefire light packaging, you can install and mount the EXO to your existing light. Simply remove the six small allen screws retaining mounting mounting rails, remove them and replace with the EXO, tighten the screws and remount the light as it was before.

The shroud protects what may be the single weak point with the Surefire system, the switch. The EXO provides an impact resistant barrier to this fragile point. At the same time it forces the operator to make a definitive decision to activate the light. There is almost no chance of accidental light activation. This is known as an Accidental Discharge (of the light variety), done during a critical incident.It can lead to exposing your location, exposing your teammates position or causing you or your teammates temporarily to  lose night vision, be it natural or electronic assisted. All of these can lead to injury or even fatalities.

I use a C clamp type grip when shooting my rifle, so this puts the light at a natural position for activation. Having the added step of making sure my thumb moves around the shroud to the switch gives me piece of mind knowing I can’t just bump the switch. The EXO unit does not impede the operation of the light in any way. In fact, I think it gives you a more positive indexing point for activation, meaning you won’t find yourself searching for the switch. It almost funnels your thumb to it. The EXO also provides additional protection for the battery compartment latch as well as a strengthened interface with the host weapon.

For more information head over to their website at http://www.unitytactical.com/products/exo/

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Concealed Carry: The Journey Through a Woman’s Eyes


IMG_0090 (1)

I have been married to my lovely wife Amy for almost 20 years, during this time she has been shooting regularly only taking a break during her pregnancy. We had decided she should take a break as we shoot mostly at an indoor range and had concerns about the fumes and general safety at the range. The one thing I could never get her to do is consider concealed carry. Well better late than never, she will be sharing her journey here on the blog. So without further delay here is the first installment.

Let me begin by introducing myself, I am Amy (Mrs. All Things Tactical) and one would think that I would be into everything relating to guns and gear as Michael is, well let me tell you I have been shooting for at least 20 years, I like a lot of outdoor activities but one thing I never was interested in was concealed carry. I will be totally honest with you all is I felt that to be able to conceal carry I had to dress less than feminine. Lets face it I am by no means a totally girly girl and more of a Tom Boy but I am still am a girl and like to at times dress girly. The problems that I faced was that for me to conceal carry I had to wear clothes that were two sizes to big or wear jeans all the time with not so feminine looking belt. I would have the same disagreement with Michael that I am a girl and why can I not still wear stylish things and still conceal carry, And lets be honest ladies is the not what we really want is to be able to still be stylish and still enjoy guns and have the comforting feeling of having a conceal firearm available just incase the need would arise.

Well this past weekend Michael and I attended the NRA show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was the first NRA show that I have had the opportunity to attended and after looking at some of the new ways to conceal carry and talking to some ladies there that have a company called Flash Bang and their new bra holsters and seeing some of the products that are coming out for the ladies and I now ready to conceal carry. This decision comes from the best of both worlds a woman can conceal carry and still wear clothes that look like they belong to her and still look stylish. Like I tell me husband all the time if Coach or any other designers made a purse with a hidden holster compartment in it I would own several. I know you are probably saying that they have always had purses with holster compartments, backpacks and other bags, and I have to give those companies two thumbs up for trying to accommodate the ladies but I have not to this date found one that is very stylish, and to steal a saying from Mr. All Things Tactical they all scream gun with the only colors that was offered were black or Army green. For the ladies that use them and like them great but they are just not my style. I also want to give a shout out to the gun companies that have started to coming out with guns that have a little color on them and to holster companies that are coming out with some more girly colors and styles.

But style and looks aside I also have become more aware of the usefulness of carrying a gun. Everyone has the right to protect themselves regardless if you live in a urban part of the country and you are protecting yourself against another two legged threat or you live in a more rural part of the country like we do where you may find yourself needing a defense from some type of 4 legged creatures. But what I’m in agreement with is if the ways to carry and styles of carry still allow us women to still feel feminine, we will be more likely to have that protection should the threat present itself. So please join me in this journey into concealed carry. More to come as I choose a gun to fit my needs and continue on my path to obtain my concealed carry permit.




Amy Yates

(Mrs. All Things Tactical)

Custom Vs. Production Why do we have custom collaborations of production knives ???

Custom Vs. Production Why do we have custom collaborations on production knives ??? I have a soft spot in my heart for highly engineered folding knives, but some of the custom makers I admire are out of my league. Sure we all want full on custom knife from our favorite maker or makers, more than a few things hinder this. Firstly the maker may not be taking order meaning his or her books are closed to new orders, this alone would make it nearly impossible to to obtain an example, barring going thru the custom knife purveyor at an inflated selling price or getting lucky in a lottery at a show. The other way is to except a used knife from the secondary market at an where it will even be a more inflated price. I have seen knives from certain custom makers be one in a lottery and then within 20 minutes be sold to dealers or secondary customers at 2 or even 3 times the table asking price.

I for one don’t have the financial means to drop $500.00 to $2500.00 on a single custom piece. We knife collectors still ravenous fans of our favorite custom craftsman. We like the designs of these artists, but may never be able to own one of their masterpieces. Here is where the production companies have come to the rescue, enter the “Custom Collabarations”. By marrying the design aspects of a custom knife into a mass produced piece under the watchful eye of the maker, allowing us to have something close, but yet different. There are several companies that produce such pieces, Zero Tolerance, Spyderco, Columbia Knife and Tool, Benchmade and Kershaw just to name a few. There are even whole companies started by custom makers to service the market created by their custom knives. These companies produce what are called mid-techs, not full custom but not really mass produced production pieces. They can produce a higher volume of semi custom pieces than they could making one knife at a time, but less than a full on production company.

As a writer I depend on these collaborations to bring reviews and opinions to certain design aspects, custom makers don’t usually supply test items for review as they can only make a limited number of custom knives during a given timeframe. So without the collaborations or mid-tech versions of these knives I would not be able to expose my readers to the work of these craftsmen. Without the cooperation of the makers and production some people would not be able to enjoy the engineering that goes into a fine custom knife. What most people don’t know is that the large advances in knife design have come from custom makers., an example of this is the liner lock designed my Michael Walker, the frame lock that was popularized my Chris Reeve, the Axis lock designed by makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams some of these locks are the strongest in the history of knife making. These are only a few of the advancements we have enjoyed in the last 20 or so years, so as you can see we need to have custom makers who can put in the R&D time to design because without them knife design may become stagnant.

In the pictures below you will see a few examples of Production/Custom Collaborations. Included are designs from Zero Tolerance/ Rick Hinderer , Spyderco/Ed Scheemp these are but a few in existence.

IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0053 IMG_0062 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066 (1) IMG_0069 (1) IMG_0068 (1)