Upcoming Kydex Round Up !!! What is out there for you to see.

With the swing in society towards the concealed carry of handguns, I wanted to look at the latest offerings from the small to medium custom kydex holster makers. These represent the cutting edge of the kydex market, with small shops like we will look at you can truly have it your way. They have the ability to turn rough idea into working models in an amazingly short time periods. So sit back and enjoy the creative minds of American craftsman doing what they do best. Each maker will have a review of their products and then we will do a round up showing the use and what works for different modes of carry. We might even be able to show some range use of the holsters if I can make it to the undisclosed training grounds to wring them out. So stay tuned to see what is new and exciting in the world of hot plastic.

I have included some teaser pics for you to drool over.

IMG_2415 IMG_2404 IMG_2442 IMG_2450 IMG_2421


Deming Concealment Appendix / IWB Holster inbound !!!

Deming Concealment Appendix / IWB Holster inbound.

Just a little bit about a new to market kydex holster company. Casey Deming is the founder of Deming Concealment located in sunny GA. Casey started his company when he was looking for comfortable, effective yet affordable holsters and custom knife sheaths. He can be reached at http://ord500.wix.com/demingconcealment

The holster I have inbound is an appendix/IWB holster constructed of .080 Blood Red kydex and features a G-Code clip. This holster is a fairly lightweight rig that will be comfortable for all day carry.

Make sure to check back for the in-depth review.

Olight SR95S UT Own the night with this ultra thrower.

Olight SR95S UT Own the night with this ultra thrower.

The ability to see what’s in the dark is very important, even if it is a kilometer away. With the advent of LED powered lights we have the ability to make a light of sufficient lumens and physical size so it can house a reflector that has the capability to throw that beam over great distance yet make it portable enough to use. The fine folks at Olight have hit a home run with this light, size and power are just right for the homeowner looking in his or her yard or the professional who needs to light up something at a distance.

As you can see this light comes in a serious package. Inside you will find the light, charger, extra o-rings and carrying strap. This allows you to keep all the items together in one tidy package. When I received this light I was at a loss as to how practically use it in my limited space available here in town. I do indeed find myself using this more than I thought I would. This light is rechargeable and as of right now I find battery life to be outstanding.

The light is powered by the Luminus SBT-70 LED
Output/Run Time: High: 1250 Lumens/3 Hours; Medium: 500 Lumens/8 Hours; Low: 150 Lumens/48 Hours

Weight: 2.7 lbs (1230.5g
Dimensions: Length: 12.8″ (325mm), Head Diameter: 3.5″ (90mm), Body Diameter: 2″ (48.4mm)

Over all I really like this light I will be posting a video with more information in the near future so stay tuned.



IMG_2388 IMG_2387 IMG_2385 IMG_2386






















Greenforce Tactical Appendix Holster !!!

Greenforce Tactical

There has been a huge movement to the appendix carry of defensive handguns. I was at first hesitant to try this as I didn’t want to have a loaded handgun in the same general area as some very precious body parts 🙂 . Well after watching some videos and reading some articles written by folks in the industry that I trust I decided to make the plunge and try an appendix holster. My EDC firearm is a Glock 19, this particular gun has been flawless for 2500 rounds as all stock Glocks are. My example is one of the FDE Gen. 3’s the only things I have added are new sights ( Warren Tactical with a single tritium dot up front. This is a very fast system but that is another article and a plug to fill in the empty space.

I was cruizing the YouTube I was introduced to a fairly new kydex company Greenforce Tactical. They offered an appendix holster at a good price but I still was click shy about buying it. I was lucky enough so be on their Facebook page and they had an auction for an appendix holster and I was able to snag it at a great price. I received it 2 days from auction end so shipping was super fast. The holster arrived and I gave it a quick looking over and threw in the 19 and headed out for the day. I guess the only way to give it a true test is to jump right in the deep end of the pool. Needless to say it was very comfortable, I know carrying a gun is meant to be comforting not comfortable.

This holster is an open bottom design so it will fit all of the Glock 9/40 family of firearms. I have G-19’s and 17’s so this will fit both of them just fine in fact it works with my G-17 RTF2 with Crimson Trace laser installed. The holster features a kydex loop hook so it will be easy on and off for those un-american places that require you to remove your weapon. I find with my body structure which is more plump than not carrying the G-19 to be easier. Well enough with the talking and here are the pics I will have a short video review up after my next range trip.

Check them out at their website: www.greenforcetactical.myshopify.com

Here is the open bottom with my Glock 19:


Here it is with the Glock 17:




Showing body placement and draw stroke:




Kydex Hook/Loop:


Good stuff about using a Flashlight as a strike weapon !!

Bringing up the subject as to what using a metal object as a self-defense tool is good to hear. Most people will be slightly taken aback. The amount of blood around form a head strike will be surprising. The fact that some people that commit violence will have some nasty diseases.

Just thought this video would provide some good food for thought.