Graham Combat ” Tactics constantly change, while Principles never do “

I have been following Matthew Graham for a few years. From what I can see to that he believes in what he does and has the right idea when it comes from training. He believes that you should take all you can, be greedy when it comes to training. Instructors are there to give so it is ok to be greedy and take it all.

His latest YouTube video is something you should take a look at, especially if you are one of the civilian sheepdogs.

Lines, Lights and Lanes makes you think about how we are precondition to think inside a box that society builds for us.

Here is a link to his YouTube channel.


Battle Horse Knives – Custom Blades for Common Folk

BHK logo with horse HEADER

As of the NRA Show 2015 All Things Tactical became a dealer for Battle Horse Knives known in the knife circles as BHK. These knives feature unique blade and handle designs along with being 100% made in the USA.  You can view their full line of handmade products at

1st up is the Brumby

This knife features a Sabre grind D2 blade with enhanced edge retention capabilities.

Overall Length of 8 3/8 in.

Cutting edge of  3 5/8 in.

Blade thickness 1/8 in.

Blade Material: D2

Handle material: Green polished Micarta with yellow liners

Sheath: Standard Hip

Price: $180.00 shipped

















Next is a little custom Mini Kukri

This Custom miniature version of a timeless classic features Blue and black G10 scales and Dan Coppins makers mark.

Overall Length 4 3/4 in

Cutting Edge 2 1/4

Blade Material: O1  5/32 Full Flat grind

Price : $70.00 Shipped



Up last Frontier First

These classic designs feature a full flat grind O1 blade Gun Blued blade with Dan Coppins makers mark.

Overall Length 5 5/8 in

Cutting Edge 2 3/8 in

Blade Thickness 1/8 in full flat grind

1st one features polished Zombie Green G10 Scales

Price: $80.00 shipped


2nd is a Tactical version with bead blasted Black Micarta scales and a Gun blued blade featuring Dan Coppins mark.

Overall Length 5 5/8 in

Cutting Edge 2 3/8 in

Blade Thickness 1/8 in full flat grind

Price $65.00 shipped

image image


All payments made via PayPal with shipping done with USPS Priority Mail

Contact me at

Concealed Carry: The Journey Through a Woman’s Eyes


IMG_0090 (1)

I have been married to my lovely wife Amy for almost 20 years, during this time she has been shooting regularly only taking a break during her pregnancy. We had decided she should take a break as we shoot mostly at an indoor range and had concerns about the fumes and general safety at the range. The one thing I could never get her to do is consider concealed carry. Well better late than never, she will be sharing her journey here on the blog. So without further delay here is the first installment.

Let me begin by introducing myself, I am Amy (Mrs. All Things Tactical) and one would think that I would be into everything relating to guns and gear as Michael is, well let me tell you I have been shooting for at least 20 years, I like a lot of outdoor activities but one thing I never was interested in was concealed carry. I will be totally honest with you all is I felt that to be able to conceal carry I had to dress less than feminine. Lets face it I am by no means a totally girly girl and more of a Tom Boy but I am still am a girl and like to at times dress girly. The problems that I faced was that for me to conceal carry I had to wear clothes that were two sizes to big or wear jeans all the time with not so feminine looking belt. I would have the same disagreement with Michael that I am a girl and why can I not still wear stylish things and still conceal carry, And lets be honest ladies is the not what we really want is to be able to still be stylish and still enjoy guns and have the comforting feeling of having a conceal firearm available just incase the need would arise.

Well this past weekend Michael and I attended the NRA show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was the first NRA show that I have had the opportunity to attended and after looking at some of the new ways to conceal carry and talking to some ladies there that have a company called Flash Bang and their new bra holsters and seeing some of the products that are coming out for the ladies and I now ready to conceal carry. This decision comes from the best of both worlds a woman can conceal carry and still wear clothes that look like they belong to her and still look stylish. Like I tell me husband all the time if Coach or any other designers made a purse with a hidden holster compartment in it I would own several. I know you are probably saying that they have always had purses with holster compartments, backpacks and other bags, and I have to give those companies two thumbs up for trying to accommodate the ladies but I have not to this date found one that is very stylish, and to steal a saying from Mr. All Things Tactical they all scream gun with the only colors that was offered were black or Army green. For the ladies that use them and like them great but they are just not my style. I also want to give a shout out to the gun companies that have started to coming out with guns that have a little color on them and to holster companies that are coming out with some more girly colors and styles.

But style and looks aside I also have become more aware of the usefulness of carrying a gun. Everyone has the right to protect themselves regardless if you live in a urban part of the country and you are protecting yourself against another two legged threat or you live in a more rural part of the country like we do where you may find yourself needing a defense from some type of 4 legged creatures. But what I’m in agreement with is if the ways to carry and styles of carry still allow us women to still feel feminine, we will be more likely to have that protection should the threat present itself. So please join me in this journey into concealed carry. More to come as I choose a gun to fit my needs and continue on my path to obtain my concealed carry permit.




Amy Yates

(Mrs. All Things Tactical)

Battle Horse Knives made for Warriors !!!

Battle Horse Knives made for Warriors !!!

Born and Bred in Cambridge Ohio in the great USA with outstanding workmanship Battle Horse Knives is a shining example of american pride and craftsmanship. The have just released their first limited edition knife named the “The Black Knight” This is the first in what I’m sure will be an outstanding line up of custom cutlery. Dan Coppins, Alicia and John McQuain have a ton of experience designing and crafting custom cutting instruments of museum quality. This can range from Bushcrafting to Tactical or even Family Heirloom pieces. We all know that it is one thing to have a great knife but the device that you carry it in is almost as important as the blade itself. They  have a first class sheath making operation using both leather and kydex. You will always get a sheath that matches or exceeds your expectations. They also have a full line of outdoor gear available.

The Battle Horse team can be reached at or by phone at 740-995-9009. Give them a call you will not be disappointed.

Well on the “The Black Knight” here are the specs.

OAL: (over all length) 6″
Cutting edge: 2 1/2″
1/8″ O-1 tool steel
1/8″ pins
5/16″ lanyard hole

The Black Knight has a black oxide coating with a natural canvas resitin handle to complete the full Battle Horse experience. The limited edition with have the “DC” tang stamp. The “DC” stands for Dan Coppins.

The sheath will innovative yet practical allowing a wide range of carry options along with a secret compartment to hold various survival items. The sheath will be released shortly so stay tuned.

The Black Knight 3the black knight 1