Detroit Bullet Works Your Source For Affordable High Quality Ammunition.


IMG_0165I’m sure we all remember going to Walmart or whatever your choice of big box stores and hoping that you would see the ammunition you need on the shelf, just to be disappointed to see the customer at the counter with last few boxes of what you needed. This scenario played out all across the country during the last ammo shortage, it didn’t matter where you were or what store you used, ammo just wasn’t there. What this caused was that when ammo became available it was hoarded for no good reason except people were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to buy it when they needed it. This only prolonged the shortage as the available supplies weren’t evenly distributed to the general buying populace.

Enter Detroit Bullet Works, a local company to my home state of Michigan, with a novel idea of an Ammo Club, not unlike the book and tape clubs of yesteryear. One thing different is that you are in charge of what you recieve just what you order, not something you might like. They support all of the most popular pistol calibers. Here is how it works. You choose what caliber and or bullet weight you desire and the frequency of delivery, provide a payment source and it shows up at your door on the schedule that you choose. As of right now (May 27th, 2015) they have openings for 380, 9mm, 40S&W, and 45 ACP. All of the caliber options except 45ACP are available in lots of 300 rounds, shipped either monthly or quarterly. The 45 ACP option is shipped in 275 round lots. The 9mm option is offered in two weights at the time of the writing 115gr and 147gr Round Nose. you can view the offerings for the Ammo Club using this link

This means that when you choose to subscribe to any of these option you are guaranteed to receive your ammo at the same price and on schedule for the duration of your subscription. No running to the store  just to be disappointed to find the shelf empty, void of the precious ammo you seek.

Detroit Bullet Works also has a full line of other calibers and products. I have had a chance to use a few different offerings in various calibers, we will visit that is a little bit. Everything I have tried has been both cosmetically perfect and exhibits reliability unparaelled with ammo in its price range. The offerings I have had the opportunity to use are: 9mm, 45ACP, 223 Subsonic and 300 Blackout. For the purpose of this article we will concentrate on the 9mm offerings as I have the most experience with them.

Currently I use the 115gr RN 9mm loading for a majority of my range work. This load is super reliable in my choice of platforms, which happen to be Glocks ranging for the diminutive Glock 43 up to the timezone spanning Glock 17L the longest offering currently offered by Glock. I have also used it is in a few Sig Arms offerings along with various S&W M&P’s. The 115gr load hasn’t had a single ammo related malfunction in the 1500 rounds I have fired. Accuracy has been what you would expect with range ammo running anywhere form 1.5 to 3in. All groups for accuracy are fired at 15 yards over a range bag rest, I know not the most professional option but it is what I have to use. Currently the 115gr load is running velocity wise anywhere from 1050 to 1250FPS this is due to the range in barrel lengths and barrel types. This, in my opinion is a perfect choice to use and to stockpile for your range and practice needs as of this writing. The cost for a case of 115gr. RN is 199.00 plus taxes and shipping per 1000 round case.

For a while I was a 147gr. 9mm fan as I wanted the heaviest bullet I could get for the caliber. I used 147gr. Federal Hydrashoks for social purposes and wanted a practice load of the same weight. I ordered some 147gr. RN for this purpose and they have run flawlessly thru all of my pistols with velocities running from 900 to 1050FPS depending on barre; length used, groups run from 1.25 to 3.5in. as the Glock 43 doesn’t seem to favor them. Could this just be my particular example? Most definitely that could be the case.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use them in another model 43 yet. The Glock 17L seems to love them and the high end of the velocity scale is with this particular firearm. It also shoots them into smallest groups. This will be my load of choice when I decode to enter the realm of suppressors for my 9mm pistols.

I have had discussions with Chris, the owner of Detroit Bullet Works, about switching from 147gr. to 124gr. for defensive purposes. It took a bit of thinking on my part but I have decided to make the switch, and was pleased to see that a 124 gr. JHP round was going to be offered in a bulk format that would almost allow me to practice with carry ammo 100% of the time. This is a huge advantage to the shooter because now you don’t have to compromise in finding a training ammo that would close to your carry ammo. You can just train with your carry ammo and not have to take out a second mortgage on your house to do so. This is by far the cleanest shooting ammo I have used. This includes offerings for the big dogs. For example the 124r Hydrashoks, Sig Arms new Elite and Remington Golden Sabers offerings all of which I assume use a blend of powders and flash suppressants. I haven’t had a chance to test The Detroit Bullet Works offering in the dark yet so I can’t comment on the amount of muzzle flash present, but with how clean this ammo shoots I couldn’t imagine that flash would be an issue.

Range performance is outstanding in the accuracy and consistency departments, in my chosen platform.  I’m getting groups as small as 1in. up to the largest being 3in. this being my fault as I was in a hurry that particular outing. I didn’t take the time necessary to produce the best results. I was pleased to find that my Glock 19 likes this load more than anything I have tried in it to date. As a bonus, my Glock 43 has shot some of the smallest groups yet with this ammo. I can attribute this partly to the consistency of the ammo with over the course of 200 rounds has produced an unheard of average velocity deviation of just over 35FPS across multiple barrel lengths. Velocities run anywhere form 1050 to 1175 FPS depending on barrel length. Bear in mind I have only tested this thru the polygonal rifled barrels of  my Glocks. Your result may vary with other manufactures.

The other offerings I have used, in various calibers, have exhibited the same signs of consistency as I have witnessed in DBW’s 9mm offerings. I will do my best to gather more specific data on some other offerings as time and resources allow. I, without reservation, can suggest any product that Detroit Bullet Works offers to be manufactured with care and professionalism that will rival, if not exceed, the big name ammo manufacturers. As long as Chris offers product I will be a customer.

You can order any of the products discussed here by visiting their website at  Make sure to take advantage of the ammo club. It is by far the easiest way to get ammo on a consistent basis with the least amount of hassle. If you are local to the Novi MI area they have a store front where you pick up your order or even browse what is in stock.

124gr. HP from DBW

124gr. HP from DBW




115gr RN

147gr RN from DBW

147gr RN

115gr RN from DBW


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