Battle Horse Knives made for Warriors !!!

Battle Horse Knives made for Warriors !!!

Born and Bred in Cambridge Ohio in the great USA with outstanding workmanship Battle Horse Knives is a shining example of american pride and craftsmanship. The have just released their first limited edition knife named the “The Black Knight” This is the first in what I’m sure will be an outstanding line up of custom cutlery. Dan Coppins, Alicia and John McQuain have a ton of experience designing and crafting custom cutting instruments of museum quality. This can range from Bushcrafting to Tactical or even Family Heirloom pieces. We all know that it is one thing to have a great knife but the device that you carry it in is almost as important as the blade itself. They  have a first class sheath making operation using both leather and kydex. You will always get a sheath that matches or exceeds your expectations. They also have a full line of outdoor gear available.

The Battle Horse team can be reached at or by phone at 740-995-9009. Give them a call you will not be disappointed.

Well on the “The Black Knight” here are the specs.

OAL: (over all length) 6″
Cutting edge: 2 1/2″
1/8″ O-1 tool steel
1/8″ pins
5/16″ lanyard hole

The Black Knight has a black oxide coating with a natural canvas resitin handle to complete the full Battle Horse experience. The limited edition with have the “DC” tang stamp. The “DC” stands for Dan Coppins.

The sheath will innovative yet practical allowing a wide range of carry options along with a secret compartment to hold various survival items. The sheath will be released shortly so stay tuned.

The Black Knight 3the black knight 1


Doug Presson Custom Works Shotshell Carrier

Doug Presson Custom Works Shotshell Carrier

The words that come to mind are tank meet shotgun. This shotshell carrier is seriously overbuilt there is no way that you will hurt it in anyway aside from cosmetic damage. It is entirely built from 6061 T6 aluminum the same stuff used in AR15 receivers. Doug uses 2 rubber inserts inside the holes to secure the shells. This holds the shells in wether they are inserted from the top or the bottom. This allows you to have 2 different types of ammo on the gun and be able to use touch to determine what ammo is what. This is a great advantage when using the weapon in a low light or dark environment or when taking your eyes off the target area would be dangerous.

These carriers are available in both 6 and 4 shell capacity for both Remington and Mossberg shotguns. I do believe it literally took longer to read the directions than it did to install the carrier on my shotgun. On the Remington model you simply remove the push pins that hold the trigger group in and replace with the hardware that is included. You can order your carrier by visiting or visit his Facebook page at

I will be shooting a video review in the near future showing this in use.


IMG_2838 IMG_2832

Greenforce Tactical custom kydex for the masses !!!!


I have in the past few weeks posted some pictures of kydex that I have received from Christian over at Greenforce Tactical, to say I have been impressed would be a huge understatement. He produces some of the finest kydex gear I have had the pleasure to use at prices that we common folk can afford and you get them in a fairly quick fashion. Being that he is a smaller custom shop you get that personal touch on your projects. Along with producing your standard type OWB and IWB holsters, you can approach him with ideas of things that would work for your particular situation. An example of this is the holster above. I use Maxpedition Versipacks for off body carry and I hated the universal holster that they have available. Universal in this case means it doesn’t work well for anything. I approached Christian with an idea of making a kydex holster for the application and within 10 or so days we had the prototype in my hands for testing. The picture above is that prototype as you can see it is a work of functional art. This is but one example of how working with a small custom shop can outweigh the advantages of larger mass produced products. This idea would have taken at least a year to get them to look at it, in fact it may have not ever been produced at all.  As with all product development changes happen to improve function we will have a new edition out soon that will allow easier re-holstering inside the bag. Also coming is a mag pouch that will attach to the velcro inside the bag.

Christian also produces some great appendix rigs that are comfortable for all day carry. I was very leery of going the appendix route till I had a chance to use his rendition. Now it is my preferred method of concealment. I will include pictures of some of them below. I also have had some very interesting OWB holsters made up, to include one I call the “Barney” you guessed it yep purple kydex. Greenforce can produce almost any color you want as long as the material can be had form their distributors. I have an OWB with a red front and a black carbon fiber back with is striking to say the least, also inbound as I type this is a holster called the ‘Merica holster and a holster featuring the colors of my local high school football team.

In the near future I will be doing a collaboration with Greenforce Tactical on a custom kydex pattern called Graveyard camo. It is a cool white and black skull pattern that I haven’t seen used very much (picture below). For more info you can contact Christian at he will have all the details about what will be available and what lead-times to expect. Bear in mind that he is a small custom shop, this is the only reason projects like this can become reality. I have included a number of images below to show the level of craftsmanship evident in the products that Greenforce Tactical produces. IMG_2408 IMG_2409

IMG_2734 IMG_2729 IMG_2727 IMG_2725 IMG_2720