I have always wanted to have a place devoted to all things tactical. Well here it is, I hope that you find something here that you like. I have a tactical background based on 14yrs of military service and various civilian security stints. I have always been involved with firearms. Flashlights have alway intrigued me and as fast as the industry moves having someplace where you can get an honest assessment of lights and accessories is a very important. We all have less money and more things to spend it on. From time to time you will see reviews on guns, gear, training aids and various members of the Tactical community.

I will make the commitment right here and right now:

  1. I will not give an item a good review if it doesn’t deserve it.
  2. I will try to find you the best deals I can on the items I review.
  3. I will try to review the items that you want to see.

I will list my favorite vendors where I purchase my gear. Please visit them as they will give you some of the best customer service you will ever see.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Bob,

      Sent you another email from my blog addy.


      How about a NEHEMIAH right hand for a Glock 19 with 1.5 in loops. Is it possible to have it molded to carry the gun with a Surefire X300 attached. Would you like me to look at a ZACCHAEUS looks like a great alternative method of carry.

      Thanks for your interest in the Round Up. Please free to call with any questions I hope to have about 10 or so different holsters/makers involved. Want to make it a broad overview. I will also be giving individual attention to each holster.

      God Bless,


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