Glock Perfection 2.0 by Innovative Gunfighter Solutions


Glock pistols whether you like them or not are here to stay. Many would argue that they are the quintessential fighting pistols. They follow the function over form philosophy, that if it works all the time, how it looks is not really important. I feel that they are truly one of the most ascetically unpleasing pistol designs in the history of firearms, but not many people will not argue against the fact that if left unmodified they are some of the most reliable handguns on the planet. If the ammunition is of the right caliber most likely the gun will run with it.


While Glock produces great firearms, there are a few areas that they have dropped the ball slightly. Does this mean that you would not be served well with a stock Glock, quite the contrary you would be hard pressed buy a better pistol. The few things you would want to change are really not internal modifications.


  1. Sights: While the plastic stock sights work well they fall short when it comes to using them to run the pistol one handed. They are also very fragile in their design.
  2. Finish: The guns tend to be very slick if nothing is done to increase friction on the outside of the gun, both the slide and the frame. Glock did improve the frame with each new generation with the Gen. 4 being a fairly well thought out design.

Ok while there are many models in the Glock family, I along with more than a few other people who have depended on a gun for defensive purposes think that the Glock 19 is a perfect blend of size and firepower. Meaning small enough to conceal well, big enough to fight with, while carrying enough rounds of a full power cartridges.


Just like the vernerable 1911 pistol there is a whole industry dedicated to the modification and improvement of Gaston Glock’s creation. For the next few minutes I would like to introduce you to a company that spawned out of need to improve the slight deficiencies mentioned above.


Innovative Gunfighter Solutions (IGFS) is based in Milford Michigan. John and Jeff provide just that solutions for today’s modern gunfighter, this could be anybody who depends on a firearm to protect themselves or others from harm. Not only do they work on Glocks but many other quality makes of defensive firearms such as Smith & Wesson M&P family, Sig Sauer pistols along with even stippling AR-15 grips.


As you know nothing in this world is free, when you make modifications good work does cast money. IGFS does high quality work that the working man can afford. For this project I worked for their a la carte menu of modifications as I wanted build a fighting pistol with the bear minimum of features and cost. I wanted to be able have a package that I could suggest to my readers that would enhance all the positive features built into the Glock design and not add anything you don’t need.


  1. Full Top Serrations: This is a series of machine work on the top of the slide designed to allow the gun to be manipulated with a single had off of any surface (belts, pants, door frames, car bodies I even think you run the slide on a bar of soap.


  1. Enhanced Rear Cocking Serrations: These continue where the factory serrations stop, by make them wider and deeper and adding a few more of them, the two handed manipulation is improved. These are really a great improvement giving you more to grasp during a high stress situation.

One feature I didn’t add are the patent pending Radius Serrations these are a great addition to any serious fighting pistol, I omitted them as a cost saving item. With the full top serration and enhanced rears already on the gun my goal was to create a package that address the above concerns at the lowest possible investment. To bring you the readers a package that was in reach for most and still provided a complete platform.


Both of these are covered with a “Nitromettm also known as salt bath nitrocarburizing (QPQ) is a thermochemical diffusion process that introduces a compound layer of carbon and nitrogen into the surface of the part. SBN treatment is the ultimate in corrosion prevention, superior to chrome and electroless nickel plating.”


I find this more pleasing to the eye than the newer finish Glock is using on current production. It has a somewhat matte finish and so far it fairly resistant to scratches.


Those of us that use Glocks know that sometimes the frame can become quite slick when wet with sweat, water or even blood. The easiest way to solve this is to some fiction enhancing surface to the frame. With polymer framed guns this is accomplished by stippling. IGFS offers a complete 360 degree stipple job that completely changes the feel of the gun. Along with this they can undercut the trigger guard to eliminate the dreaded Glock knuckle, also offered is a cut for the index finger of the support hand allowing you to get the gun as far as possible down in the hands. For those of you that don’t like the finger groves on the Glock they can also remove them, I for one hate the finger grooves and elected to have them removed along with having the magwell opened up for faster magazine insertions. I will post pics of the work I had done at the bottom of this article.


In this industry good customer service and experience are few and for between. I’m happy to express that if you have any work done at IGFS you will be most pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism displayed. All of my questions and concerns where answered without hesitation. In fact I have already decided to have all of my handguns worked on by IFGS as funds allow.


Here is a list of the work I had done at IGFS:


Full Top Serrations

Enhanced Rear Cocking Serrations

Ameriglo I-Dot Pro sights

Full 360 Frame Stipple job

Finger Groves removed

Trigger Guard undercut

Index pads on both sides

Magwell opened up

Slide refinished in Nitromet


As far as work this is the minimum I would consider on a serious fighting pistol. It addresses the flaws pointed out above Grip, Sights and increasing one handed manipulation.

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