Graham Combat ” Tactics constantly change, while Principles never do “

I have been following Matthew Graham for a few years. From what I can see to that he believes in what he does and has the right idea when it comes from training. He believes that you should take all you can, be greedy when it comes to training. Instructors are there to give so it is ok to be greedy and take it all.

His latest YouTube video is something you should take a look at, especially if you are one of the civilian sheepdogs.

Lines, Lights and Lanes makes you think about how we are precondition to think inside a box that society builds for us.

Here is a link to his YouTube channel.


Detroit Bullet Works Your Source For Affordable High Quality Ammunition.


IMG_0165I’m sure we all remember going to Walmart or whatever your choice of big box stores and hoping that you would see the ammunition you need on the shelf, just to be disappointed to see the customer at the counter with last few boxes of what you needed. This scenario played out all across the country during the last ammo shortage, it didn’t matter where you were or what store you used, ammo just wasn’t there. What this caused was that when ammo became available it was hoarded for no good reason except people were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to buy it when they needed it. This only prolonged the shortage as the available supplies weren’t evenly distributed to the general buying populace.

Enter Detroit Bullet Works, a local company to my home state of Michigan, with a novel idea of an Ammo Club, not unlike the book and tape clubs of yesteryear. One thing different is that you are in charge of what you recieve just what you order, not something you might like. They support all of the most popular pistol calibers. Here is how it works. You choose what caliber and or bullet weight you desire and the frequency of delivery, provide a payment source and it shows up at your door on the schedule that you choose. As of right now (May 27th, 2015) they have openings for 380, 9mm, 40S&W, and 45 ACP. All of the caliber options except 45ACP are available in lots of 300 rounds, shipped either monthly or quarterly. The 45 ACP option is shipped in 275 round lots. The 9mm option is offered in two weights at the time of the writing 115gr and 147gr Round Nose. you can view the offerings for the Ammo Club using this link

This means that when you choose to subscribe to any of these option you are guaranteed to receive your ammo at the same price and on schedule for the duration of your subscription. No running to the store  just to be disappointed to find the shelf empty, void of the precious ammo you seek.

Detroit Bullet Works also has a full line of other calibers and products. I have had a chance to use a few different offerings in various calibers, we will visit that is a little bit. Everything I have tried has been both cosmetically perfect and exhibits reliability unparaelled with ammo in its price range. The offerings I have had the opportunity to use are: 9mm, 45ACP, 223 Subsonic and 300 Blackout. For the purpose of this article we will concentrate on the 9mm offerings as I have the most experience with them.

Currently I use the 115gr RN 9mm loading for a majority of my range work. This load is super reliable in my choice of platforms, which happen to be Glocks ranging for the diminutive Glock 43 up to the timezone spanning Glock 17L the longest offering currently offered by Glock. I have also used it is in a few Sig Arms offerings along with various S&W M&P’s. The 115gr load hasn’t had a single ammo related malfunction in the 1500 rounds I have fired. Accuracy has been what you would expect with range ammo running anywhere form 1.5 to 3in. All groups for accuracy are fired at 15 yards over a range bag rest, I know not the most professional option but it is what I have to use. Currently the 115gr load is running velocity wise anywhere from 1050 to 1250FPS this is due to the range in barrel lengths and barrel types. This, in my opinion is a perfect choice to use and to stockpile for your range and practice needs as of this writing. The cost for a case of 115gr. RN is 199.00 plus taxes and shipping per 1000 round case.

For a while I was a 147gr. 9mm fan as I wanted the heaviest bullet I could get for the caliber. I used 147gr. Federal Hydrashoks for social purposes and wanted a practice load of the same weight. I ordered some 147gr. RN for this purpose and they have run flawlessly thru all of my pistols with velocities running from 900 to 1050FPS depending on barre; length used, groups run from 1.25 to 3.5in. as the Glock 43 doesn’t seem to favor them. Could this just be my particular example? Most definitely that could be the case.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use them in another model 43 yet. The Glock 17L seems to love them and the high end of the velocity scale is with this particular firearm. It also shoots them into smallest groups. This will be my load of choice when I decode to enter the realm of suppressors for my 9mm pistols.

I have had discussions with Chris, the owner of Detroit Bullet Works, about switching from 147gr. to 124gr. for defensive purposes. It took a bit of thinking on my part but I have decided to make the switch, and was pleased to see that a 124 gr. JHP round was going to be offered in a bulk format that would almost allow me to practice with carry ammo 100% of the time. This is a huge advantage to the shooter because now you don’t have to compromise in finding a training ammo that would close to your carry ammo. You can just train with your carry ammo and not have to take out a second mortgage on your house to do so. This is by far the cleanest shooting ammo I have used. This includes offerings for the big dogs. For example the 124r Hydrashoks, Sig Arms new Elite and Remington Golden Sabers offerings all of which I assume use a blend of powders and flash suppressants. I haven’t had a chance to test The Detroit Bullet Works offering in the dark yet so I can’t comment on the amount of muzzle flash present, but with how clean this ammo shoots I couldn’t imagine that flash would be an issue.

Range performance is outstanding in the accuracy and consistency departments, in my chosen platform.  I’m getting groups as small as 1in. up to the largest being 3in. this being my fault as I was in a hurry that particular outing. I didn’t take the time necessary to produce the best results. I was pleased to find that my Glock 19 likes this load more than anything I have tried in it to date. As a bonus, my Glock 43 has shot some of the smallest groups yet with this ammo. I can attribute this partly to the consistency of the ammo with over the course of 200 rounds has produced an unheard of average velocity deviation of just over 35FPS across multiple barrel lengths. Velocities run anywhere form 1050 to 1175 FPS depending on barrel length. Bear in mind I have only tested this thru the polygonal rifled barrels of  my Glocks. Your result may vary with other manufactures.

The other offerings I have used, in various calibers, have exhibited the same signs of consistency as I have witnessed in DBW’s 9mm offerings. I will do my best to gather more specific data on some other offerings as time and resources allow. I, without reservation, can suggest any product that Detroit Bullet Works offers to be manufactured with care and professionalism that will rival, if not exceed, the big name ammo manufacturers. As long as Chris offers product I will be a customer.

You can order any of the products discussed here by visiting their website at  Make sure to take advantage of the ammo club. It is by far the easiest way to get ammo on a consistent basis with the least amount of hassle. If you are local to the Novi MI area they have a store front where you pick up your order or even browse what is in stock.

124gr. HP from DBW

124gr. HP from DBW




115gr RN

147gr RN from DBW

147gr RN

115gr RN from DBW

Glock 42 the Reliable Deep Carry Option

Glock 42 the Reliable Deep Carry Option

Hello my name is Mike and I’m a Glock fanboy. I don’t believe that I have had a pistol made by Glock that wasn’t reliable and accurate. I was in search for a deep carry option, you know the gun when you can carry a gun. Something small enough that you almost forget you have it on. So when the rumblings of a small single stack Glock hit the internet I was excited to say the least, I thought finally a small single stack 9mm that will work. Well the Glock 42 didn’t turn out to be what I thought it would be.

Upon receiving the G42 and opening the black clamshell case I thought that maybe somebody had left a G17 out in the sun or put it in the dryer on high. That being said the gun fits the hand well and will conceal like a dream. The gun is insanely thin which will lend itself to being with you at all times, Having a gun at home when you need it with you serves no purpose. So on to the range session, I think where it went of track with me is that I wanted it to shoot just like my Glock 19’s. Well let me say this wasn’t fair to the G42 as it isn’t supposed to do so, it wasn’t designed to do so and no matter how I want it do, it just won’t be able to. This is a deep concealment pistol meant to be hidden until needed, not a full size fighting pistol. So I may have jaded my opinion from the get go.

Form Factor:

It is a Glock so it just looks and acts like a Glock. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 10


This pistol as said before will hide like a ghost in a dark corner, practically disappearing under any garment including a t-shirt. This would be a gun I would take with me when I couldn’t have a gun it hides that well. The various holster makers have jumped onboard with getting quality carry options available. So on a 1 to 10 scale it gets a 10.


I hade one malfunctioning the first magazine, it was 100% good to go from there. Ran it 250 rounds from there without a bobble. So we will give it a 9.5


I was able to achieve a necessary level of comfort in engaging targets from concealment out to 15 yds. It was easy enough to engage multiple targets with reasonable speed. So it gets a 9 out of 10.


Here is where I may have failed the Glock 42, I tried to run it thru the drills meant for a full-size fighting pistol. Shooting at extended ranges was difficult for me, we are talking 50-100yds. I found that I was pushing the gun to the left trying to squeeze out the accuracy I wanted. This platform and cartridge combination was never meant to perform at these ranges. The energy level at these ranges would almost leave it ineffective so this may be a mute point. so given that I was demanding more than I could have expected I will give it a 8.5 out of 10


So let us add up the points. the Glock 42 will get a 96\100 which is impressive for a weapon that I was initially disappointed with, so did I keep to or trade it. Well I couldn’t see me over the long run wanting to keep it and having to amass yet another caliber of ammo, that is really the only reason. At the time of the review 380 ACP ammo wasn’t the easiest to find, now that I have been able to locate a less expensive source of ammo thru Detroit Bullet Works and they also offer a ammo club subscription for auto shipment of quants of ammo to your door here is a link with is option you have the choice of having 300 rounds a month or a quarter shipped this would allow me to train and increase my skill with the small gun.

You might see another one in the fold in the future.

IMG_0087 (1) IMG_0089 (1) IMG_0090 (1)

Dead Light on your Long Gun: Unity Tactical’s EXO Solution !!!

Dead Light on your Long Gun: Unity Tactical's EXO Solution !!!

Most people who have a rifle or carbine for defensive purposes, have a light on it for target identification in low light conditions. These lights run on batteries. An accidental switch activation without your knowledge can drain the batteries leaving you without a possible life saving piece of equipment.

Our friends over at Unity Tactical have a solution for you. The EXO is a replacement mount for your Surefire X 200-300 series weapon lights. It provides a shroud around the switch guarding against inadvertent activations during a critical event and also provides protection during weapon transport and storage ensuring that your light is ready when you are. Stay tuned for videos on the installation and use of this innovative product. The EXO unit replaces the standard rail attachment point on your Surefire X Series light. This means with the tools provided with your Surefire light packaging, you can install and mount the EXO to your existing light. Simply remove the six small allen screws retaining mounting mounting rails, remove them and replace with the EXO, tighten the screws and remount the light as it was before.

The shroud protects what may be the single weak point with the Surefire system, the switch. The EXO provides an impact resistant barrier to this fragile point. At the same time it forces the operator to make a definitive decision to activate the light. There is almost no chance of accidental light activation. This is known as an Accidental Discharge (of the light variety), done during a critical incident.It can lead to exposing your location, exposing your teammates position or causing you or your teammates temporarily to  lose night vision, be it natural or electronic assisted. All of these can lead to injury or even fatalities.

I use a C clamp type grip when shooting my rifle, so this puts the light at a natural position for activation. Having the added step of making sure my thumb moves around the shroud to the switch gives me piece of mind knowing I can’t just bump the switch. The EXO unit does not impede the operation of the light in any way. In fact, I think it gives you a more positive indexing point for activation, meaning you won’t find yourself searching for the switch. It almost funnels your thumb to it. The EXO also provides additional protection for the battery compartment latch as well as a strengthened interface with the host weapon.

For more information head over to their website at

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Concealed Carry: The Journey Through a Woman’s Eyes


IMG_0090 (1)

I have been married to my lovely wife Amy for almost 20 years, during this time she has been shooting regularly only taking a break during her pregnancy. We had decided she should take a break as we shoot mostly at an indoor range and had concerns about the fumes and general safety at the range. The one thing I could never get her to do is consider concealed carry. Well better late than never, she will be sharing her journey here on the blog. So without further delay here is the first installment.

Let me begin by introducing myself, I am Amy (Mrs. All Things Tactical) and one would think that I would be into everything relating to guns and gear as Michael is, well let me tell you I have been shooting for at least 20 years, I like a lot of outdoor activities but one thing I never was interested in was concealed carry. I will be totally honest with you all is I felt that to be able to conceal carry I had to dress less than feminine. Lets face it I am by no means a totally girly girl and more of a Tom Boy but I am still am a girl and like to at times dress girly. The problems that I faced was that for me to conceal carry I had to wear clothes that were two sizes to big or wear jeans all the time with not so feminine looking belt. I would have the same disagreement with Michael that I am a girl and why can I not still wear stylish things and still conceal carry, And lets be honest ladies is the not what we really want is to be able to still be stylish and still enjoy guns and have the comforting feeling of having a conceal firearm available just incase the need would arise.

Well this past weekend Michael and I attended the NRA show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was the first NRA show that I have had the opportunity to attended and after looking at some of the new ways to conceal carry and talking to some ladies there that have a company called Flash Bang and their new bra holsters and seeing some of the products that are coming out for the ladies and I now ready to conceal carry. This decision comes from the best of both worlds a woman can conceal carry and still wear clothes that look like they belong to her and still look stylish. Like I tell me husband all the time if Coach or any other designers made a purse with a hidden holster compartment in it I would own several. I know you are probably saying that they have always had purses with holster compartments, backpacks and other bags, and I have to give those companies two thumbs up for trying to accommodate the ladies but I have not to this date found one that is very stylish, and to steal a saying from Mr. All Things Tactical they all scream gun with the only colors that was offered were black or Army green. For the ladies that use them and like them great but they are just not my style. I also want to give a shout out to the gun companies that have started to coming out with guns that have a little color on them and to holster companies that are coming out with some more girly colors and styles.

But style and looks aside I also have become more aware of the usefulness of carrying a gun. Everyone has the right to protect themselves regardless if you live in a urban part of the country and you are protecting yourself against another two legged threat or you live in a more rural part of the country like we do where you may find yourself needing a defense from some type of 4 legged creatures. But what I’m in agreement with is if the ways to carry and styles of carry still allow us women to still feel feminine, we will be more likely to have that protection should the threat present itself. So please join me in this journey into concealed carry. More to come as I choose a gun to fit my needs and continue on my path to obtain my concealed carry permit.




Amy Yates

(Mrs. All Things Tactical)

Range Time Hosts Tactical Response courses

Range Time recently hosted the great people from Tactical Response at the Indiana location. Cory and Erika are the owners of Range Time Tactical Shooting. They offer a very dynamic range of classes. Even some for just women and couples.

James Yeager and his crew are known for their lively and serious stance on our second amendments rights. They have a passion to impart to as many law abiding citizens as possible, “That your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends”.

James and his group strive to teach you what you need to know and what you need to practice. You learn in “Training” the skills you need to work on in “Practice”.

Cory and Erika are ready to train you at their location. Or James and the crew would love for you to visit them at either there Camden location or one of there courses on the road.

Make sure to visit both Range Time @ or Tactical Response @

All Things Tactical makes Noise with Shoot

Target after repainting:                                  The original orange backside:













One of the problems with using public ranges is the lack of safety personnel on-site. I always look for a way limit the trips down range. Also when taking new shooters, you will want them to get audio and visual feedback wether they hit or missed. This is a huge advantage to taking my daughter to the range. She will spend hours shooting at a steel reactive target, this allows me to spend more time training.

Evan with is a supplier of high quality reasonably priced AR500 steel targets. He has targets in various sizes. Along with the torso targets, I have a number of 1/4in thick 5 to 8in. round targets that hang with a simple shepherds hook. You can find these at any home improvement store.

These smaller targets provide a good long range rifle target and a close range pistol challenge. I find the smaller 5in target to be a great 100yd rimfire rifle target. It also makes a great 25yd rimfire pistol target.

The 3/8in torsos really would be a great work horse target for all pistol rounds at about 10 yards with non-frangible ammo. If using frangible ammo you can of course shoot closer. If using magnum velocities you should move back to at least 25yd.

With rifle and shotgun your minimum range will depend on velocity you are shooting at. Shotguns with un-plated birdshot enables you to shoot as close as 10 yards. For buckshot training, I would just use birdshot to keep the range close enough for reasonable training. Slugs should be shot at 50 yards minimum. Centerfire rifle should be used at 100-150 yards. This will allow you to not crater the target face, the cratering caused by use of high velocity rifle rounds closer will degrade the targets ability to break up projectiles. The flat hard face is the secret to the safe use steel targets.

After use cleanup is as easy as a quick as a short spray paint job.

Please contact Evan at with any questions you may have. He can help you with choosing the correct target for your application. To visit the website just click on the logo here on the right side of the page.

Please check back for more products from ShootSteel.