Range Time Hosts Tactical Response courses

Range Time recently hosted the great people from Tactical Response at the Indiana location. Cory and Erika are the owners of Range Time Tactical Shooting. They offer a very dynamic range of classes. Even some for just women and couples.

James Yeager and his crew are known for their lively and serious stance on our second amendments rights. They have a passion to impart to as many law abiding citizens as possible, “That your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends”.

James and his group strive to teach you what you need to know and what you need to practice. You learn in “Training” the skills you need to work on in “Practice”.

Cory and Erika are ready to train you at their location. Or James and the crew would love for you to visit them at either there Camden location or one of there courses on the road.

Make sure to visit both Range Time @ http://rangetimets.com or Tactical Response @ http://www.tacticalresponse.com


Upcoming review of The Original Special Operations Gear 12ga. Micro Rig

This is a piece of gear that I’m really excited about. It gives the user the ability to make a weapons platform that traditionally lacks ammo capacity a sustainable fighting system. It allows you to carry a total of 24 rounds in quick access on the front of the rig. The first 12 rounds are in 2 6 round carriers attached on velcro pads. When these are expended you simply tear them loose (they are retained with webbing) and replace with the carriers inside the the pouches. I will include pictures to show how this looks. There is a pocket on the rig for just about anything you want to put in it. It will hold a full box of 25 12 ga. rounds, this will take the capacity to 49 rounds max capacity.

Keep a look out for a full review including video of the rig in use at the secret shooting location Area 0.

You can find the rig at http://soebelts.com/collections/micro-rigs/products/12ga-micro-rig

IMG_2038 IMG_2046


EDC Light Overview

EDC = Everyday Carry : This is a way of life, you decide to prepare for what may happen during your daily travels and hope you have what you need when something out of the ordinary happens.

This can run from having items for personal protection to just making sure you have your keys and phone. Most of the time people have a set of items. (ie.) gun,ammo,light,phone and survival gear for a get one when the chips are down.

What you have to ask yourself is what do you think you will need and will you make the commitment to have it with you everyday.

Here we look at the light aspect of EDC. Lights shown are just some of the possibilities. If you have any questions please stop by http://www.allthingstactical.wordpress.com and leave a comment or question.

All Things Tactical makes Noise with Shoot Steel.com

Target after repainting:                                  The original orange backside:













One of the problems with using public ranges is the lack of safety personnel on-site. I always look for a way limit the trips down range. Also when taking new shooters, you will want them to get audio and visual feedback wether they hit or missed. This is a huge advantage to taking my daughter to the range. She will spend hours shooting at a steel reactive target, this allows me to spend more time training.

Evan with http://www.shootsteel.com is a supplier of high quality reasonably priced AR500 steel targets. He has targets in various sizes. Along with the torso targets, I have a number of 1/4in thick 5 to 8in. round targets that hang with a simple shepherds hook. You can find these at any home improvement store.

These smaller targets provide a good long range rifle target and a close range pistol challenge. I find the smaller 5in target to be a great 100yd rimfire rifle target. It also makes a great 25yd rimfire pistol target.

The 3/8in torsos really would be a great work horse target for all pistol rounds at about 10 yards with non-frangible ammo. If using frangible ammo you can of course shoot closer. If using magnum velocities you should move back to at least 25yd.

With rifle and shotgun your minimum range will depend on velocity you are shooting at. Shotguns with un-plated birdshot enables you to shoot as close as 10 yards. For buckshot training, I would just use birdshot to keep the range close enough for reasonable training. Slugs should be shot at 50 yards minimum. Centerfire rifle should be used at 100-150 yards. This will allow you to not crater the target face, the cratering caused by use of high velocity rifle rounds closer will degrade the targets ability to break up projectiles. The flat hard face is the secret to the safe use steel targets.

After use cleanup is as easy as a quick as a short spray paint job.

Please contact Evan at evan@shootsteel.com with any questions you may have. He can help you with choosing the correct target for your application. To visit the website just click on the logo here on the right side of the page.

Please check back for more products from ShootSteel.