Reloading Your Tactical Rifle

Cory gives trick and tips for reloading your tactical rifle. As always this video is down to earth and gives good info.

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The schools website is :
Phone Number : (812) 251-7210



Toxic Bushcrafter from BHK

Toxic Bushcrafter from BHK

The Bushcrafter is one of the core design that BHK produces. This one is special as it is made with 1095 steel and is 3/16th thick. This is from a run of knives (various models) made from 1095 it is a steel not always offered. Featured on this particular model Toxic Green scales with Black Liners. As always this knife was matched with a custom sheath.

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Shooting Tips from Cory and Erika at Range Time-Tactical Shooting LLC

Cory and Erika Have a firearms training facility in Lewis, IN called Range Time-Tactical Shooting, LLC.

Cory is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Since he was honorably discharged from the Army in 2001, Cory has had between 96-112 hours of training each year from some excellent instructors, so around 1300 hours of defensive training in handgun and rifle classes. Also training in instructor classes where you learn how to train and build up the students. Cory training style has derived from the classes he has taken from picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.

Erika is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and pistol and rifle instructor. For the past two years Erika has trained under Cory 2-3 times a week for 8 hour days, learning his style and technique. In addition she has traveled to many other instructors courses, training over 100 hours this year alone. Erika is a competent handler of firearms and is very capable of instructing beginner shooters on the basics and fundamentals of safe and proper firearm handling. She will be holding a Women’s Only CCW class where she hopes to introduce more women into firearms.

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The schools website is :
Phone Number : (812) 251-7210

Blindhorse Knives Lumber Jack AT

Blindhorse Knives Lumber Jack AT

The Lumber Jack AT is a little brother to the original Lumber Jack Toothpick. The original Toothpick was a large knife that served that role with great success. The AT version is a great companion to it’s big brother. Filling the role of woods knife and or camp knife both which it does exceedingly well.

Overall length in 9 1/4 in.
Blade length is 4 1/4 in.
Handle Length is 4 1/4 in.
Blade thickness is 5/32 in of A2 steel
Saber ground

The handle material is polished black micarta with lanyard hole. It was supplied with a custom leather dangler sheath with firesteel loop.

Look for a video review in the near future.

JETBeam RRT-3 1200 lumens of Night Defeating Light !!!

JETBeam RRT-3 1200 lumens of Night Defeating Light !!!

This example is the 1st generation of the RRT-3. The SST-50 LED supplies great throw working with the deep mild orange peel reflector. My first impressions are that I made a good choice. This will be a great thrower light. I will provide a more in-depth review in the future. This single LED model has been replaced with one using 3 CREE XM-L emitters producing 1950 lumens.