Graham Combat ” Tactics constantly change, while Principles never do “

I have been following Matthew Graham for a few years. From what I can see to that he believes in what he does and has the right idea when it comes from training. He believes that you should take all you can, be greedy when it comes to training. Instructors are there to give so it is ok to be greedy and take it all.

His latest YouTube video is something you should take a look at, especially if you are one of the civilian sheepdogs.

Lines, Lights and Lanes makes you think about how we are precondition to think inside a box that society builds for us.

Here is a link to his YouTube channel.


Battle Horse Knives – Custom Blades for Common Folk

BHK logo with horse HEADER

As of the NRA Show 2015 All Things Tactical became a dealer for Battle Horse Knives known in the knife circles as BHK. These knives feature unique blade and handle designs along with being 100% made in the USA.  You can view their full line of handmade products at

1st up is the Brumby

This knife features a Sabre grind D2 blade with enhanced edge retention capabilities.

Overall Length of 8 3/8 in.

Cutting edge of  3 5/8 in.

Blade thickness 1/8 in.

Blade Material: D2

Handle material: Green polished Micarta with yellow liners

Sheath: Standard Hip

Price: $180.00 shipped

















Next is a little custom Mini Kukri

This Custom miniature version of a timeless classic features Blue and black G10 scales and Dan Coppins makers mark.

Overall Length 4 3/4 in

Cutting Edge 2 1/4

Blade Material: O1  5/32 Full Flat grind

Price : $70.00 Shipped



Up last Frontier First

These classic designs feature a full flat grind O1 blade Gun Blued blade with Dan Coppins makers mark.

Overall Length 5 5/8 in

Cutting Edge 2 3/8 in

Blade Thickness 1/8 in full flat grind

1st one features polished Zombie Green G10 Scales

Price: $80.00 shipped


2nd is a Tactical version with bead blasted Black Micarta scales and a Gun blued blade featuring Dan Coppins mark.

Overall Length 5 5/8 in

Cutting Edge 2 3/8 in

Blade Thickness 1/8 in full flat grind

Price $65.00 shipped

image image


All payments made via PayPal with shipping done with USPS Priority Mail

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